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Zeno Reset Board

by on Feb.15, 2012, under Matt's Projects

The Zeno reset board is now available for $48 assembled. This board will reset Original Zeno, Zeno Mini and ZenoMD tips to 240 counts. Tips are loaded with custom eeprom data, not copies of new unused tip data! Avon Zeno and Zeno Hotspot cannot be reset and I have no plans to explore these devices any further.

For more information contact me here. I will respond within a day but possibly two. If not resend your message and ensure your email address is correct.

This board scavenges power from USB with a mini-B connector. Either a wall wart or powered USB port is required to operate the Zeno Reset Board.

Many thanks to Ian Lesnet and the team at Dangerous Prototypes. The Bus Pirate was instrumental in the original Zeno reset en-devours!

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